Cash Caboose Slots

Cash Caboose SlotsOne of the most exciting periods in history must have been when cowboys roamed the land, looking all snazzy in their spurs and their leather vests, gracing the saloons with their sheer manliness - or, well, maybe that's not the best description in the world, but it will do. Either way, the time of cowboys was certainly an exciting time. Bank robbery was considering as a dashingly daring move. Outlaws would raid the heavily guarded wagons with their invaluable cargo of pure gold. And really, when we look at it today, we can't help but wish that we could just turn back time and get a piece of that wondrous gold. Well, why not? It is possible to get your hands on some dough - not in the way the cowboys must have done it, but whatever, it's still money. Just play Cash Caboose Slots and you might just get that proverbial chest of gold bars you're been wishing for.

The Theme

Cash Caboose Slots has a Wild West Theme. Its symbols are quite appropriate for the theme, with a short and stocky cartoon cowboy holding a gun at each hand, a cactus, a whiskey bottle, a bronco, a buffalo, and the high-tier playing cards. The symbols really weren't anything special. At most, I'd call them decent. But at least they got the job done, which was to fit the overall theme. The background wasn't anything special too, just a cartoon steam train. Overall, I'd say the graphics weren't that special. And that this game's saving grace is its gameplay.

The Basics

  • Cash Caboose Slots is a five reel video slots game with 25 paylines.
  • It was developed by Vegas Technology.
  • The minimum bet you can make is 1 cent, which makes it one of those penny slots. But the maximum bet is 250 dollars, which makes it a game for high-rollers as well.
  • While this game does not have a multiplier symbol, it does have a wild and scatter symbol.The wild symbol can be substituted wit any other symbol in the game in order to make a winning combination while the scatter symbol awards some free spins.
  • It has a huge payout of 5,000 coins. Of course, the exact value of that will depend upon your bet. If you want to try to get the feel of this game before betting your money, then you can use its free play feature.