Dazzling Dice Slots

Dazzling Dice SlotsIf you will look through the best online casinos these days, you will notice a new trend. Many casinos now offer some games that are actually variations of the slots game, particularly the five-reel slots ones. However, in these games, it's not the reels spinning, but the symbols themselves. These games have payouts that are relatively the same as that of slots games, so people who want a change are sure to enjoy these new games. One of the most popular titles in this type is the Dazzling Dice Game.

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The Theme

Its symbols are all dice which have values engraved in them, playing card values to be exact. These dice are set against a dark green backdrop, a picture of those green velvet tables that are so common on land-based casinos. It really gives the game a nice atmosphere and makes the player feel like he's playing a highly profitable dice game.

About the Game

  • Dazzling Dice is a game with five columns and five rows of dice. These dice spin and spin until they stop to reveal a random card value. If there is a five-card combination formed on any of the rows or columns, then that's when you'll win some money.
  • It's useful to have some knowledge on poker if you're going to play this game as it's best if you can recognize the various card combinations. You'll need to know what Five of a Kind, High Straight, Low Straight, Four of a kind, etc., means. But although knowledge of this is useful, it's not really necessary as the computer will detect the winning combinations automatically for you.
  • There are twenty paylines in all, each one representing a certain row or column. Each payline can be activated by a single coin. However, you can't choose which paylines you want to activate. For example, 1 coin will activate line 1 while 4 coins will activate lines 1, 2, 3, and 4. The more coins you put in, the more paylines are activated. So if you want maximal chances of winning, then it would be in your interest to activate all the paylines. Then, if you want to get a chance to win the biggest possible jackpot, then you should bet max each time.

All in all, this game is pretty refreshing and pretty understandable even for new players. Those who love to play slots will surely love this one.