Funky Chicken Slots

Funky Chicken SlotsA funky chicken can definitely bring you some much needed boost in cash and ego, for that matter, if you play the Funky Chicken Slots by Vegas Technology and be awarded with prizes along the way.

This slot game is from the famous Vegas Technology software provider. With these many years in business, you are assured that you will not experienced any glitches in your game or any lags, for that matter.

Look at the Chicken

  • The theme of this slot game is that of the life on a farm, and as such, the symbols that can be found here are, of course, related to the farm. There is the farm house, a tractor, and an egg. There is also the scarecrow and, most importantly, the funky chicken. The graphics are okay as well as the sounds, but it is refreshing to see easy-to-memorize symbols.
  • The Funky Chicken Slots contains five reels and 25 paylines
  • You can bet a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $10, giving you a maximum of $250 to bet per spin, since the maximum number of coins that you can utilize is 25.
  • To make it more interesting, the game provides you a wild and scatter symbol, but do not expect a bonus round though nor a progressive game.

Understanding and playing this game is not that hard to do, especially since the scoring system can easily be seen in the rules section.

Harvesting the Eggs

If you want to substitute a symbol to create that winning combo you need, you should land the symbol which contains the scarecrow basking under the sun. The scarecrow symbolizes a thriving farm, so you should also hope that this wild symbol brings you much luck as you replace another useless symbol with it to form that winning combo. Now, get more of the wild symbol lined up on your winning line, and the more prizes you get to have.

If you want free spins, you better land a scatter symbol, and this is the symbol that has the Funky Chicken in it. This gives you 15 free spins, provided though that you get three or more of them. But this does not end here though. Get multiple scatter symbols on the screen, irregardless of their location on the board, and your winnings also increase.

Now, have fun with the Funky Chicken Slots and bring home lots of eggs!