Orient Express Slots

Orient Express SlotsLet the Orient Express Slots take you back to the Orient as you play this exciting game. The dragon will surely bring you tons of luck as heaps and heaps of cash become yours as you land one winning combination after another, provided you placed your bet wisely though and Lady Luck is, indeed, on your side.

Aside from a wonderful way of earning some cash, Vegas Technology also gives you that smooth gameplay you would want in your slot game. Plus, the graphics and sounds are obviously state of the art, proof that the company is indeed one of the best providers in the business.

The Game Features of the Orient Express Slots

As expected, the theme is about the Orient, so the symbols here are reminiscent of that place, too. You will see the dragon and the Chinese boat as well as a Chinese girl in traditional clothes. The tiger is also one of the symbols here. The sounds the creartors incorporated in this game can really make you feel that you are in the Orient.
  • Although the Orient Express Slots gives you a wide range of betting options, what with its 21 paylines and 5 reels, you will not see a scatter symbol here.
  • There is no wild symbol, too, or a bonus symbol to open the bonus round, so you have to rely on luck that you land the winning combinations and bet the maximum amount, which is $210, so that you get a higher payout rate.
  • The coin values that the Orient Express Slots has are from $0.01 to $10, and you can maximize the number of coins allowable per spin, and this is 21 coins, to get a higher winning.

Playing and Winning in the Orient Express Slots

As stated above, you have to be wise in betting since there are no scatter and wild symbols here, but with 24 winning combinations that you could possibly form and win in the game, your chances of getting a prize is significantly increased. Your earnings from the game can further be increased if you place the maximum amount of bet per spin.

Here is an interesting tip though about the Orient Express Slots if you really want to win something big in the game, and this is the jackpot prize worth 2,500 coins. Make sure that you land five red dragons at the same time on one reel to get the huge jackpot prize.