Magic Monkey Slots

Well first off welcome to Magic Monkey slots where you can have all of the fun of a regular casino in your very own home.Enjoy the fun sounds and magical cartoon graphics theme of the video slots, as you play along easily.It really is a simple game to play, as it's an auto play action so requires no skill at all, just a click of a button. The easy to install software will give you access to 5 reels, 25 paylines and a possible 23 winning combinations.
Tell me more about the magical theme:

  • Forget your tradional fruit and bell symbols. Monkey slots isn’t just the name of the game!
  • The symbols you will see on the reels are more like Spell Books, Crystal Balls, Potions, Magic Monkey's, Dragons, Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and of course the game wouldn’t be complete without - Banana's!

How do I play?

The game is all down to odds. How it works is you spin the reels and have to match the symbols in a row.If your lucky enough to get a match when you win you accumulate coins.The coins can be anything from as little as $0.01 up to $10.00

Are there any Bonus Rounds?

Yes you can get yourself bonus rounds, and one which will give you 20 free spins.This is achieved by getting 3 or more banana symbols on your reels.As an extra bonus when your playing the free spins all wins get doubled. So this way your getting more chance of getting extra coins.If you thought that wasn’t cool enough, you can even get extra spins during the free spins too!

What are the Jackpots?

You can be walking away with 6000 coins, and a second jackpot of 3000 coins.

Is there a maximum bid?

As with every game you play there always has to be a limit unfortunately. This just makes it fair for everyone then.The maximum bid you are able to make is $250.

How do I collect my payout?

All pay outs are in coins that you can transfer into credits it you wish to.If you prefer the credit option you just need to multiply the number of coins by the size of the coin.

So where can i play Monkey Slots?

You can play this fantastic game at the best casino brand site around: Lincoln Casino and Lincoln Flash Casino.