All about Slots-The Casino Gambling Machine

A very simple description of slots is that it is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels that spins with the push of a button. It has another name too, one-armed bandit, as previously and originally it was operated by a lever on the edge of the machine, as an alternative to a button on the face view. Another reason for this name was its ability to leave the gambler broke. In some latest machines you can still find the lever in addition to the button.


The name behind the invention of one-armed bandit is Charles Fey who belongs to San Francisco, California, US. The machine he devised was based on a simple automatic mechanism. There is some confusion about its year of invention of this machine as some say that the idea was conceived in the year 1887, and some say it was invented in 1895.

How this machine works?

When a person plays on a slot machine at first he needs to purchase the right to play, and so there are coins, or cash which are inserted to start the game. If you check out the latest Ticket-In and Ticket-Out machines a bar-coded paper ticket is inserted into a designated slot on the machine to start or play the game. In order to activate the machine a lever or a button is used. In latest machines, it can be activated just by pressing a touch-screen on its face.

There are two main types of slots the video slots and the reel slots. The main difference between the two is in the way the payouts are calculated. In different casinos you will find different slot machines. For example if you get a chance to go to Las Vegas you will see the most popular video poker machines, in which player wants to get a set of symbols of corresponding to a winning poker hand. You will find video poker machines in other casinos too which were modeled after Las Vegas. There are multi line slots too which are popular since 1990s. In every machine there is a coin detector the purpose of which is to validate the coin or money inserted to play. As advancement in the technology of computers is taking place so lots of things are changing around us too so one can find variations in these casino gambling machines as well. You can find so much more about slots on the world of web as there is lot more about which we might have not covered due to space. You just need to take out some time to explore the world of web. A few more clicks to get more information about it, so what are you waiting for?