All Star Horse Racing

For centuries, horses have been an integral part of human life. They played a huge role in history, whether that role was as bloody war horses or as docile farm animals. Another thing that horses play a big role in is our entertainment. There’s nothing quite like watching horses gallop through the fields, their powerful and sinewy muscles flexing as they run. It’s like a show of raw speed and raw power, and it’s almost electrifying. And that’s what makes horse racing so popular. But since today is the digital age, it comes as no surprise that there’s a virtual horse racing game.

The Basics

All Star Horse is a video game that is downloadable from the internet. The concept is pretty simple, but the game itself is actually full of features that make it a joy to play, especially if you’re actually placing bets. This game, unlike the more advanced video games for the different consoles, focuses on the betting aspect of horse racing. In this game, there are several things to be considered, and usually, these are also the things that you have to consider in a real game of horseracing. The horses have their own stats. However, like any real game, anything can happen. You can calculate the odds and actually make a calculated guess on which horse will win, but you can’t ever be sure. There are usually 6 horses in a game that you can bet on. And what’s great about this game is that they actually race to the finish line in a wonderful simulation of video racing.

Betting Details

Betting for this game is pretty simple. All you need to do is to go to the main site of the game. It is there that you will place your bet. The minimum that you can give is 50 cents. You can actually bet on just one horse – the one that you think will win – or you can go further and bet on the horse you think will be the runner up. Also, like a real horse racing game, there is a bookmaker. And this role is played by the house. So, essentially, you’ll be playing against the house when you play All Star Horse Racing. All in all, this is a pretty wonderful game. It’s different from other gambling games in that it’s as much a game of luck as it is of judgment, and you need a good bit of both in order to win.