American Icon Slots

American Icon Getting berated and insulted by Simon Cowell on national TV - well, I suppose that's one way of earning your fortune. But really, there are much easier and much simpler ways to earn a living. Still, one can't deny that some of the most famous people are where they are today because of this show. Indeed, American Idol has grown to be such a huge phenomenon that in all of its nine seasons, it has amassed millions and millions of fans worldwide. So, really, it's no surprise that a huge chunk of the population audition for it in the hopes of making it big. But did you know that there's another way you can get rich through American Idol, without having heavenly vocal prowess? In fact, all you'll most likely need to do is punch a few buttons. Too good to be true? Not quite. Have you ever heard of American Icon Slots?

The Theme

American Icon Slots, as its name implies, is based on the TV show and Singing competition, American Idol. The symbols are pretty much what you'd expect, such as contracts, a gold star, a CD, and of course, the singers. The color scheme is pretty good, a deep hue of blue with some specks of color here and there. The music is also pretty good, and quite catchy. Of course, if anything, the music really should be impressive, as it's what the theme of this slots game is all about. When you get a winning combination, some pop music will play. Different combinations have different music tracks. But of course, the one you'll be looking for is the music that signifies the jackpot.

The Basics

  • The game itself is pretty simple, and not much sets this game apart from the other video slots games of its kind.
  • It has a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol that awards 15 Free Spins, and a bunch of Bonuses.
  • It has five reels in all and 20 paylines that you can activate.
  • The maximum amount of coins you can insert into this machine is 20. And the coin denominations you can use range from one cent to 10 dollars. So, essentially, you can play this game for as little as a penny or for as high as 200 dollars, that means that the crowd this game attracts is just about as diverse as the game it was based on.
  • The jackpot is a sizeable 100,000 dollars. That's a farcry from what they get at American Idol, but hey, for this amount of effort, I'd say 100,000 is almost like a million.