Black Magic Slots

Black Magic SlotsEven until now, in the era of computers and skyscrapers, there are still certain parts of the globe that believe in the power of the mystical. They believe in magic, that things can be borne out of nothing, transformed into something more. Unfortunately, magic isn't all good. There are two kinds of magic. There's white magic, which is concerned about healing and about making good things happen. And then there's the other one… black magic, the most feared type of magic. It's the type of magic that's concerned only with doing harm and until a few centuries ago, everyone regarded it with fear. Today, we're lucky that we can laugh it off and think of black magic as a myth. We can look at images of witches and skulls and feel no fear at all. In fact, doing so is almost fun. Take the Black Magic Slots for example.

The Theme

Black Magic Slots is a video slots game developed by WGT. This game, as its name implies, has a theme that revolves around black magic. The sound effects you'll hear are quite spooky and really build up the whole mystic atmosphere. The symbols are also rather creepy, with bats, owls, graves, urns, candles, snakes and many more. The color scheme is predominantly black, and on the background, particularly at the sides, you'll see a picture of a witch and on the other side, a skull.

The Basics

  • Black Magic Slots is a five-reel video slots game with 25 paylines.
  • You can get the reels spinning for as little as a penny, or you can bet as high as 250 dollars. This makes the game suited for any type of player, no matter what size his payroll is.
  • The jackpot is 6000 coins, which could be quite a sizeable value, depending on your bet. If you bet the maximum amount, you can get up to 60,000 dollars. For better chances of winning, you can activate all the paylines. However, it would also cost you a lot of money, especially if you're betting a lot, so you should do this only if you have enough money.

The Symbols

There are a couple of symbols here that would help you boost your game. The thought is quite ironic, considering that those which would cause you harm in reality are actually quite helpful in this game. Take the witch for example, it represents the Wild Symbol, and you can substitute it with any other symbol in the game in order to form a winning combination. But you can't substitute it for the Scatter Symbol, represented by the blue moon. Three Blue Moons would activate the bonus game, where you'll have to choose between some crystal balls, each of which has a prize hidden inside.