Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry SlotsLife may have changed drastically, what with the various advancements in technology and all, but one thing you can't take away from the gambling industry is tradition. People just love the things that remind them of what they would fondly dub 'the good old days'. There's nothing quite like going back to one's roots and playing slots as it should be, minus all the fancy embellishments added with the freedom that technology has given the developers in terms of design and losing none of the innovations that make the modern slots game wonderfully enjoyable. The symbols in this game are all classic, with the cherry symbol as the most notable. There's also the single bar, the double bar, the triple bar, and the number seven. Indeed, this slots game will certainly make you feel nostalgic.

About the Game

  • Crazy Cherry slots is a three-reel, classic video slots game developed by WG Technology.
  • For a three-reel slots machine, the maximum jackpot is this game is rather large. If you manage to line up all the cherry slots logos, then you can get the jackpot of 5000 credits. However, the value of the actual jackpot will still depend on your bet, and betting maximum is the only way you can get a chance to win the biggest jackpot.
  • The coin denominations accepted by this game range from 10 cents to 10 dollars. That means that the minimum amount you'll need in order to get the reels to spin is a measly 10 cents.

About the Game's Symbols

This game has some twists that makes it more exciting and more interesting than your average classic slots game. For one thing, the cherry logo symbol, which would give you the highest payout if you manage to get three of them to line up, is also the one which gives the lowest payouts. If you get only 1 of them anywhere on the reels, you'll only get 25 coins. And 2 of them would give you 50. If you get thm on your middle payline, then you can use them as the wild symbol, meaning you can substitute them for any other symbol in the game, making it possible to get the three-symbol payouts in the game. What's wonderful is that the lights all around the video slot game's interface actually light up when the cherry symbol appears on the middle reel, adding to the game's atmosphere and excitement.