Daredevil Dave Bonus Slots

Living life on the edge, looking death at the eye and laughing – well, that’s a lifestyle that only some of us can dream about. Unfortunately, we can’t all be racecar drivers or motorcycle racers. Those jobs are only for a special breed of people. Those are for the daredevils. For the rest of us, well, there’s Daredevil Dave Slots. Daredevil Dave Slots is a video slots game developed by Vegas Technology and offered at the one of the best casino sites Lincoln online casino. Its theme revolves around the concept of daredevils, those who court speed and danger in their every day lives. The symbols include Daredevil Dave, who is sort of like the game’s mascot, the checkered racing flag, trucks, flaming hoops, helmets, cannons and other such icons of the extreme life. Its music is perfectly suited to its theme, just like its red and black color scheme. And its interface, too, is quite nicely done. This game is pretty easy to understand, so you’re to know what to do even if you’re a newcomer to the game.

About the Game

  • Daredevil Dave Bonus Slots was develop by Vegas Technology, one of the leading games in the gambling software development industry.
  • It is a five-reel video slots game with 20 paylines in all.
  • The maximum number of coins you can insert is 20, one for each payline. You can get the reels spinning for as little as 1 cent and as large as 200 dollars. The biggest coin denomination or the maximum value you can put into each payline is 10 dollars.
  • The jackpot is a whopping 10,000 coins so it’s well worth your money to bet maximum on the paylines you think will be lucky.
  • This game also has a bunch of symbols that will help you win more money such as the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

The Bonus Game

One thing you have to watch out for, however, is the bonus symbol. If you see the bonus symbol in reels 2 and 4, then you’ll know you’re in for a treat. You will be taken to a screen where you’re going to watch Daredevil Dave himself jump through various obstacles. All you need to do is to click jump. If Dave is successful, then the crowd will cheer. The reward you will get in this bonus game will depend upon the number of paylines activated on the spots where the bonus symbol appears on the reels. The more paylines are active, the more money you get.