Dolphin King Slots

Dolphin King SlotsDolphins – these cute creatures aren’t just known for being talented and cute. In fact, dolphins are actually one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. These amazing bottle-nosed blue creatures are some of the friendliest sea mammals and are a joy to behold. In fact, their presence during sea voyages is said to mean good luck. Well, let’s see if these Dolphins are lucky for you in Dolphin King Slots. The game’s theme is based on dolphins and underwater life. You can see symbols such as the dolphin king himself, sea creatures, shells, and some high level playing cards. Its color scheme is predominantly blue, with some colorful corals to accentuate it. At the background, you’ll see a nice picture of the sea bed, with the plant life and corals and all. The music is very nice, and the symbols are animated when there is a winning combination. This is a pretty simple video slots game with a very simple interface, so I’d say that even new players will readily understand how this game works.

You can play this pretty game at Lincoln Flash Casino.

The Basics

  • Dolphin King Slots is a five-reel video slots game with 9 paylines in all.
  • The coin values usable for this game range from 5 cents to 5 dollars, with the maximum possible number of coins to insert being 9.
  • This slots game is a progressive video slots, meaning that the jackpot is actually linked with that of other games. This means that you can actually win the jackpot even if you didn’t get a winning combination.
  • It’s linked with six other games so the more people play with those games, the more often there will be a payout of the jackpot and the bigger it will be. Of course, the larger you bet, the bigger your chance of winning the jackpot.

Symbols to watch out for

There are a couple of symbols you’ll want to watch out for if you want a good game. First, there’s the Dolphin King Symbol, which is the wild symbol. You can substitute it for any symbol in the game to form a winning combination except for the Pearl Symbol. Two or more pearl symbols would give you an automatic win as it is the scatter symbol. If it appears on reels 1 and 5, then you will get 20 free spins. And the prizes you get during those spins are doubled.