Double Gold Slots

Double Gold SlotsDon't you just miss those days when slots games where all about pulling as ingle lever and watching a single payline? Well, I certainly do, and so do many other people. There's something great about having a nice classic video slots game that makes people feel nostalgic, and makes us almost feel as if the past few decades didn't happen and we're back in the heyday of land based casinos. Well, if you're one of the people who actually prefer classic slots games to those high-tech five reel ones with an enormous amount of paylines, then why don't you try playing Double Gold Slots? Double Gold Slots is just about as classic as a video slots game can get. It has all the right symbols, from the cherries to the bars to the 7's. Of course, there's also the Double Gold logo. You're sure to feel like you're playing one of those slots machines of yesteryears.

About the Game

  • Double Gold Slots is a classic three-reel video slots game developed by Vegas Technology, one of the leading software developers in the online gambling industry.
  • It has three reels in all and only one payline. The middle one, by tradition, is always the payline that you should watch. Basically, what you'll want is to line up three of the same symbols on the middle payline. Of course, the amount you'll win will depend upon your bet and the actual symbol. For example, cherries are the lowest paying of all symbols and will only give you thirty coins if you get three of them lined up. But the Double Gold Slots Logo is the one you'll want to watch out for. Three of them lined up in the payline will give you the 2500 coin jackpot if you placed the maximum bet.
  • You can choose to BET ONE or to BET MAX in this game. The former would allow you to add to your bet one by one, as you see fit. But the latter would automatically set your bet to the maximum, giving you the biggest odds of winning the maximum jackpot.
  • This game accepts coin denominations from 10 cents to 10 dollars, which means that the maximum amount you can bet is actually 30 dollars in all.

The Game's Symbols

There are many different symbols in this game, but the only one that really means most is the Double Gold Logo. Not only does it give out the jackpot, it also acts as a Wild Symbol that allows you to replace it with any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination. It is also a multiplier, which doubles or quadruples the wins from that certain spin.