Mahjong Madness Slots

Mahjong Madness SlotsMany people love the game of mahjong where they could earn a lot of money, if luck is on their side, and now that the game can already be found in slots, who says that you cannot win more in Mahjong Madness Slots?

The company who made this is Vegas Technology, a software provider that is recognized as among the best in the industry. As such, lovers and players of mahjong are sure to enjoy a lag-free game whenever they play Mahjong Madness Slots.

The Game Features of Mahjong Madness Slots

  • The theme is very much related to the game of mahjong, what with its symbols that can be found in a mahjong pieces. You have the bamboos, the Chinese characters, the circles, the orchids, and even the dragon, to name a few.
  • The Mahjong Madness Slots is a slot game that has 5 reels and 21 paylines, and the minimum coin value that it accepts is $0.01 with the maximum being $10. With a maximum 21 coins per spin, you can bet as high as $210.
  • Unfortunately, you have to depend on landing the winning combinations to make some money out of the game since there are no wild and scatter symbols here.
  • Furthermore, the game also lacks a bonus round and a progressive jackpot.

Winning in the Mahjong Madness Slots

Although the Mahjong Madness Slots will do very well with the added features, the fact that you have 21 winning paylines more than makes up for the loss since you have a wide betting range. Furthermore, there is a variety of combinations where you can win some cash, aside from the usual sideways and diagonal combinations. Simply look at the paytable, and you will be presented by the different possible combinations, one of which is the zigzag combination. With these many possible winning combinations to create, your chances of winning a prize is tremendously increased.

Of course, the best tip that can be given on slot games like this is that you have to play the maximum bet or maximum number of coins. This way, when you do win, your earnings are bigger, too, that what you would ordinarily have won had to bet the minimum amount.

So, for the mahjong lovers out there as well as those who simply want to try a new game, the Mahjong Madness Slots is always a good slot game to play.