Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins SlotsSometimes, looking at an aquarium and watching the fishes swim can be very relaxing, especially if you had a stressful day in your work. But with Marvelous Marlins Slots, instead of calming your nerves, it actually heightens your senses as you anticipate the next line to be your ticket to loads of cash. But really, with Marvelous Marlins Slots, you can expect money to come rolling in, especially if Lady Luck is with you during your games.

The software provider that created the Marvelous Marlins Slots is WG Technology, which is a recognized provider of online casino games. With this being said, players of the Marvelous Marlins Slots are sure to experience a game full of fun, less lags and glitches.

You can find and play Marvelous Marlins Slots at Lincoln Casino.

Visit the Sea and Get to Know the Game

  • Blue is the predominant color of the Marvelous Marlins Slots, and this color ties the whole sea theme together. To have a nice flow, the symbols that can be seen here are creatures of the sea. There are a variety of fishes, octopus, a swordfish, marlin, et cetera. The designs of the symbols are expertly done and did not cause the game to lag. Likewise, the sounds also matched the graphic and the design of the slot game, although it was a bit ordinary.
  • There are three reels in this game as well as three paylines.
  • With the coin values amounting to $0.10 to $10, you can bet three coins maximum and win as much as 2,500 coins as jackpot prize since the game provides you a fair range of betting options.

Swimming After the Prize

The only symbol that you should take note of in this game is the swordfish, which is a kind of marlin, that has a yellow circle behind it. Land even one of the swordfish on your payline, and you automatically win a prize. The value of the payout though depends upon the position of the payline. As for the rest of the symbols, you need not concern yourself with them because you have to have eyes only for the swordfish with a yellow circle. If you want to increase your chances of landing a swordfish marlin, then you ca utilize the Stop Spin button. This at least puts fate on your hands as you can stop the spinning reels anytime.

All in all, it is still a great game that newbies and professionals will like.