Supermarket Bonus Slots

Who says that buying your groceries in the supermarket is such a tedious job and that it can be such a hassle to wait in line at the cashier? Not with Supermarket Bonus Slots. In this game, you will feel like you are literally shopping for prizes as you win lots and lots of prizes in this captivating theme. The Supermarket Bonus Slots is a slot game from Vegas Technology, a very trusted software provider in the business that develops state of the art games with excellent graphics and sounds.

Enter the Supermarket

  • The Supermarket Bonus Slots can literally make you feel that you are in a supermarket, especially since the symbols the creators have made for this game are those usually found in one. There are canned goods, a grocery cart, coupons, cakes and pastries, meat, and many more.
  • You have a wide betting range when you play this game because there are 5 reels here as well as 20 paylines.
  • With $0.01 minimum and $200 maximum bet since the machine takes 20 maximum numbers of coins at $10 each per spin, you have the capacity to win more or less than what you have wagered.
  • Added features of the game include both a wild and a scatter symbol in addition to its bonus feature.

Fill Your Shopping Cart with Prizes

To fill up your shopping cart in Supermarket Bonus Slots, you need to hit the wild symbol, which is the symbol that has a cash register. As usual, you can substitute this for another symbol on the line so the winning combination can be formed.

Another important symbol is the scatter symbol, which is the symbol that has a scissor cutting up coupons. This gives you 10 free spins, provided three or more of them showed up. Now, if ever you win a prize during a free spin, you should know that your prize is doubled. Furthermore, you can also win more free spins during a free spin.

As for the bonus symbol, you need to land the symbol with a full shopping cart. Get three or more of them, and the bonus round gets activated. Here, you are going to be given three choices of grocery aisles where you get to pick one. After picking an aisle, you are then given a grocery list where you again have to pick three items. Once you have made your choice of three items, the game will then reveal the prize that those items you chose contains. If you are satisfied with the prizes, you get to keep them, and the bonus round ends, but if not, you can trade what you have for two more tries.