Swept Away Slots

Swept Away SlotsIf you are in need of a classic slot that will not only give you fair amounts of winning but give you some relaxing hours as well, then the Swept Away Slots will not leave you dry. This is a slot game from one of the world’s biggest software providers in the industry, Vegas Technology. The company only uses up to date technology in the creation of their online casino games, so you are never going to be left wanting for more as you play in one of their glitch-free games, Swept Away Slots included. Find and Play Swept Away Slots at one of the best online casinos are powered by WG Technology Lincoln Casino!

The Game Features of Swept Away Slots

The very first thing that will captivate your attention when you play the Swept Away Slots is its design. It has a beach theme to it, and you can see the water meeting the sand. Its logo is a small island with trees and a beached lifeboat. To give continuity to the game, the symbols are a bonfire, a lifeboat, the logo itself, and BARs, et cetera.

Like stated above, the Swept Away Slots is a classic game with 3 reels and 1 payline. You are given enough options on the amount you can bet per spin since the least coin value is $0.10 and the most is $10. With three coins as maximum number of coins per spin, your bet’s high limit can reach $30.

Be Swept Away with the Prize

Like any classic slot game, you have to rely on lining up the symbols that will give you that winning line. The slot game’s payout table is easily accessible, and you can see it on the right-hand side of the game. You will notice that if you bet the minimum amount, you can also get minimum winnings, so if you want to win big in the Swept Away Slots, then it is recommended that you bet the maximum number of coins at the maximum amount, so your winnings are assured to be bigger than your original bet.

If you are after the jackpot prize of 4,000 coins, you need to land three symbols that contain the game’s logo, which is the island with the beached lifeboat. Once you have these on the payline, you are assured of the jackpot prize.

Overall, this is a nice enough game with cool sounds and graphics if you just want a relaxing time. This kind of game is perfect for those players who want to try their hands on online slot games.