Triple Gold Slots

Triple Gold SlotsGetting gold thrice will really make one feel extremely lucky, and if you are in the mood to be just as lucky, then you better play the Triple Gold Slots. Not only can you win the gold that you want, but the time you spend in playing on this online slot game is bound to be a very enjoyable one.

The Triple Gold Slots is a classic slot game from WGT, so you can expect that the graphics and sounds of this online slot game is going to be excellent, what with its state of the art technology. This game also does not lag, so you can have the smooth gameplay that you want.

The Game Features of Triple Gold Slots

The design of the game itself is very simple as it will seem like you are playing on a regular slot machine. The symbols, too, are what you usually see on classic slot games, so there are cherries, BARs, and sevens. One of the symbols is the logo of the Triple Gold Slots, which contains three bars of gold.
  • Like any other classic game, there are 3 reels here with 1 payline, and the values of the coin used in the game starts from $0.10 to $10.
  • Since you can bet three max coins all at once, the highest bet that you can place is $30.
  • The jackpot prize of 15,000 more than makes up for the lack of a scatter symbol as well as the bonus feature in the Triple Gold Slots, but there is a wild symbol to take note of.

Go for the Gold

To know the winning combinations that will get you the gold, you only have to familiarize yourself with the symbols found in the game. Looking at the payout table will also do you a lot of good since you will know what symbol combinations to aim for. You also have to rely on luck and the possible winning combinations that you can line up. But if you want your winnings to be huge, you can bet the max amount.

Now, let us discuss the wild symbol, which is the logo of the Triple Gold Slots itself. With any wild symbol, this can help you get the winning combination by replacing a symbol with it, and if you made use of the wild symbol in this way, your prize gets tripled. Get two, and the prize is multiplied by 9. But get three of them, and you earn the jackpot prize, provided you bet the maximum number of coins at a maximum amount of $30.