Triple Rainbow 7s Slots

Triple Rainbow 7s SlotsDo you know what is at the end of the rainbow? Gold, that is. But with the Triple Rainbow 7s Slots, you are not going to find gold, but you are going to find money, and lots of it if you know how to play the game.

Vegas Technology has created the Triple Rainbow 7s Slots for those who enjoy a classic slot game with a new twist. In this game, you are playing on a traditional slot game, but there is an added feature that can give you that adrenaline pump you want in a game.

Journey to the Rainbow

Because the slot game is called Triple Rainbow 7s Slots, the theme is that of a rainbow. The colors that predominate in the game are, of course, the colors that you will see in a rainbow, but the symbols are all sevens though, so it ties the whole theme together nicely. This also includes the game’s logo, which is a very important one.

The Triple Rainbow 7s Slots has 3 reels and 1 payline. The least amount of bet that you can place per spin is only $0.10, and the highest only comes up to $20 since the game accepts only a maximum of two coins valued at $10 each for every spin. To keep your interest though, there is a wild symbol which you really have to watch out for if you want the jackpot prize worth 4,000 coins.

Find the Money at the Rainbow’s End

By looking at the payout table which can easily be seen on the screen, you are given the information you need to know the symbols that your winning line should have in order to get you the prize. The sevens have different colors, the green seven having the least value and the red seven having the most. The combinations can be sevens of the same color or sevens of different colors, and their values can be found on the paytable.

Now, for the jackpot prize of 4,000 coins, you have to land the Triple Rainbow 7s Slots’ logo. As usual, the Triple Rainbow 7s Slots logo can be used to replace the other symbols on your line so you form the winning one. But aside from this, it is also a prize multiplier. Use one in the winning line, and your prize is increased by three times; get two, and it is increased by nine times; but get three, and you win yourself the jackpot prize, provided though that you bet max.