What’s Your Sign Slots

What’s Your Sign SlotsMany fortune tellers make money from zodiac signs, but you can also make your own money through them by playing the What’s Your Sign Slots. The creator of this slot game is Vegas Technology, and as such, you can see excellent graphics here as well as a background music that totally complements the theme of the What’s Your Sign Slots. With the state of the art technology utilized in the creation and development of this online slot game, lags and glitches are almost unheard of when you play the What’s Your Sign Slots.

Read the Zodiac and Enter the Game

The theme of the What’s Your Sign Slots obviously talks about the horoscopes and zodiac signs, and as such, this game has the twelve symbols of the zodiac sign here. The symbols are nicely designed in a cartoonish fashion, but any horoscope lover will still find some pleasure with this richly-designed slot game.
  • There are 5 reels and 12 winning lines here, which represent the 12 zodiac signs.
  • Again, the maximum number of 12 coins per one spin nicely ties the whole theme together, and the coin’s value varies from $0.01 to $10, so the maximum wager that you can place can reach as high as $120.
  • The What’s Your Sign Slots has a bonus round and a wild symbol, but there is no scatter symbol here.

Grab the Stars and Win the Prize

The wild symbol here is the half-sun and half-moon symbol. Not only is it used to replace one symbol on the winning line to form a winning combo, but it can also win you the jackpot prize of 10,000 coins, provided you line up five of them simultaneously on the winning line.

The bonus symbol is the symbol that has the word BONUS written on it. Get three or more of them, and the bonus round is activated. During the bonus round, you will be presented with a wheel that has the 12 zodiac signs and a light spinning around them. You only have to click on the Stop Spin button and be awarded of the prize that the symbol where the light stopped contains. Now, you can settle with the first amount revealed to you and leave the bonus round if you feel it is high enough, or you can choose to play once more where you get to press the Stop Spin button again. You can do this thrice, but the prizes are not added up, so you only get to keep the prize that the last symbol revealed to you.