Bingo Bucks Slots

Bingo Bucks Slots Bingo is one of the games that is exciting even though all you're going to be doing is sitting around and waiting for your numbers to come up. Perhaps it's because of the heightening anticipation one feels when the numbers start cropping up and that excitement that leads to shouting BINGO with gusto. Either way, there's no doubt at all that Bingo is a simple but very engaging game. Slots is another very exciting game, although you're just sitting around and pulling the lever. The reason for this is probably because when you watch the reels spin and just cross your fingers, you pray for the symbols to add up - and when they do, you'll know that your life will have changed. Well, what if I told you that Bingo Bucks has created a wonderful video slots game that combines all the best elements of these two games? Yes, you heard it right. Vegas Technology had developed Bingo Bucks Slots, a relatively new slots game that utilizes some new twists on two old games.

The Theme

The theme of this game is pretty simple. And if you've ever played a single bingo game in your life, then you'll automatically recognize the set of balls that are used in this game. Bingo balls are used in lieu of the reels. At the background, you'll see a nice green gradient that's quite relaxing to the eyes. The balls themselves are pretty colorful. Also, the music is catchy and the interface is pretty easy once you get used to it.

The Basics

  • If you look at the screen of Bingo Bucks slots, you'll see a screen full of balls of different colors.
  • There are five rows and five columns of these balls in all. In this game, you won't say the reels are spinning. Instead, the balls are the ones that start spinning. When they stop, a symbol will be on each one. Of course, get a winning combination on an activated payline, and you'll have won yourself some money.
  • This game has 12 paylines in all and the game's payout is quite similar to other slots machines, so you can be sure that you have a decent chance of winning here, or at least even out your losses. You'll have to choose between bet one and bet max. Betting the maximum amount would activate all the available paylines, giving you bigger chances of winning.