Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of Paradise SlotsBirds are wonderful creatures. They’re colorful and they’re beautiful and they’re a joy to look at. But the one thing that really makes birds special is that they can fly. It is this ability that makes us look at them in wonder, thinking them to be totally free. There’s a lure in the freedom of soaring through the open skies, and it’s something that makes us wish we can do so too. But perhaps we can with Birds of Paradise Slots. Although it won’t give us freedom that’s exactly the same as that of birds, it will give us the chance to experience a different kind of freedom – financial freedom. And really, ask anyone, and that type of freedom is most highly coveted.

The Theme

Birds of Paradise Slots has a simple theme, and you can automatically guess what it is just by looking at the title. Indeed, this game’s theme is that of birds, exotic birds of all colors and sizes. Its symbols, aside from the exotic birds, also include a bird’s nest, binoculars, and the higher tier playing cards such as king, queen, jack, ace, ten, and nine. The music that plays in the background while you play this game is really quite soothing, and is a wonderful sound to listen to.

The Basics

  • Birds of Paradise Slots is a five-reel video slots machine with 25 paylines.
  • For as little as one cent, you can already get the reels spinning. But, if you actually have the money to be a little more daring, you can go for the maximum bet, which is 125 dollars.
  • The wide betting range makes it a game that attracts different kinds of players, from penny players to high rollers.
  • The jackpot you can win amounts to at least 200 dollars to 100 thousand dollars, depending on the coin denomination you used.

The Symbols

There are a couple of symbols that you have to watch out for in this game, as they will be giving you bonuses. First off, there is the Bird’s Nest Symbol. Get three or more of these anywhere on the screen, on any of the five reels, and you will automatically win 20 free spins. Any wins you get during this free game will be doubled. Another symbol to watch out for is the Wild Symbol, represented by the orange bird. As usual, you can exchange this for any other symbol in the game in order to form a winning combination, except for the scatter symbol.