Cool Bananas Slots

Cool Bananas SlotsIn the modern world, the word 'cool' has taken on a whole new meaning. When all it meant back then was that something was cold to the touch, and then it meant level-headed, that one could keep calm even under extreme stress, and now it means that you're someone you're likely to get the admiration and respect of your peers, and that you're not, in slang terms, 'square'. This slots game has brightly colored graphics that truly make the game more enjoyable. All of its symbols revolve around the two words in its title, banana and cool. There's the quintessential banana, a monkey, a pair of shades, a city, and of course, the ultimate blend of the two words - a cool banana: the banana split. The background is pretty beautiful, with the silhouette of the city's skyline set against a red sunset. The music is pretty nice and the interface is also rather commendable for its simplicity. It's sure to be understood pretty easily by even newcomers to the game of slots.

About the Game

  • Cool Bananas Slots is a five reel video slots game that was developed by WGT, one of the most popular gambling software developers.
  • This game has nine paylines in all and each payline can take only one coin.
  • The coin denominations you can use for it range from 1 dollar to 20 dollar.
  • It's not a penny slots game so be sure that you have a medium to large sized payroll in order to enjoy this game.
  • The maximum bet you can give if you want to enable all paylines is 180 dollars.
  • The jackpot is 5000 coins, the value of which will depend on the coin denomination you used.
  • If you want to get used to this game's win rate first, then try the free practice mode.

The Symbols

The most important symbol in this game is that of a blond haired girl. You will want to get five of them in an active payline if you want to win the jackpot. Other symbols that will help you win big are the wild symbols. There are two of them, the mighty monkey and the banana. The mighty monkey appears on all reels except for reel 3, as it is the banana which appears there. You can substitute them for any other symbol in the game in order to get a winning combination. If you get two or more might monkeys on the reels, then you will be awarded 10 free spins. Wins are doubled during these spins.