English Harbour Slots

For those who love the wide expanse of the sea and the sky, the English Harbour Slots is a must-try video slot game. This is a video slot game powered by the WGT software, so you can relatively expect an excellent gameplay here. Furthermore, it is not that hard to understand the rules and paytable of this game as it is explained clearly, and it is not difficult to play the game at all.

The Game Features of English Harbour Slots

The theme is perfectly suited to those who enjoy the sea. The color is predominantly blue, and the symbols used in the game are those that can be found in the sea. You have the sun, the logo of English Harbour, the marlin fish, an island, a ship, and a yacht. Other symbols include the crown, a compass, and a seaplane. The sounds and the graphics are, of course, well suited to the theme, so it really ties everything up nicely.

The coin size that you can bet ranges from $0.01 to $10, and you have a maximum of five coins per spin. As such, you can win 5,000 coins to as much as 10,000 coins. In this, five reel and five payline slot game, you have 29 winning combinations where you can take home the prize.

Why Play the Game?

Although the English Harbour Slots lacks the wild symbol, the scatter symbol, the multiplier symbol, or the bonus feature, you will still get a kick out of its Autoplay button. So, play the maximum number of coins and simply press the Autoplay button, and wait for your prizes to increase. Another feature of the English Harbour Slot is the Stop Spin button. To use this, you only need to press the Stop Spin button when the reels are spinning. The spinning reels automatically stops, and you win a prize if you land a wining combination.

If you want though to win the jackpot prize, you need to land five of the English Harbour logo. Get five of them, and you get to take home the jackpot prize, which can be quite a huge sum of money.

A good reason, too, why you will love this game is the variety of winning combinations that you can land. There might not be the usual symbols that can earn you so much more prizes, but with this range of betting options, you are sure to win yourself some big cash.