Fat Cat Slots

Who ever said that a cat can bring bad luck, especially a black one at that? Not if you have fat cats because, in this slot game from WGT, it will bring you nothing but good luck; that is, if you know how to maximize your gameplay.

As stated above, this is a slot game that is brought to the many online casinos by a famous software provider that has been in the industry for years, and this is WGT. As such, you can expect that you will have a lag-free game while you are playing this slot game.

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What the Cats has in Store for You

  • The Fat Cat Slots is a slot game that has five reels and nine paylines.
  • The maximum coin that you can use to bet per single spin is nine, and the coin value can range from $0.10 to $5.
  • This is not a progressive slot though, but you can take home as much as 5000 coins in jackpot prize

As expected, the theme is, of course, cats, and you have different fat cats. There is the filthy rich fat cat and the girlfriend cat. Other symbols include a dog butler and bags of cash.

Let the Cats Out

Fortunately for those who wish to have an entertaining game because there is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol here. The wild symbol is represented by, of course, the Fat Cat symbol that you can utilize to take the place of other symbols in the game so as to make the winning combo. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is the Dollar Sign, and with this symbol, you get to increase your winnings because you win a prize irregardless of where the scatter symbols found, provided you get two or more of them.

Now, the Fat Cat Slots also gives you a bonus feature, and to open this mini game up, you only have to land three or more of the scatter symbol. To play the bonus game, you only have to select a bag of cash and be awarded of whatever the bag contains.

All in all, this can give you some pretty big prizes, although you have to play the maximum coins to be able to get maximum winnings. One drawback of the game though is the simplicity of the graphics and the fact that the symbols tend to become boring after a while.