Royal Caribbean Slots

Royal Caribbean SlotsOne of the ways that you can relax and while away the time is to play a slot game or two, but you have to make the most out of your time because who would want to play a game and not win anything, right? Fortunately, you can win some cash when you play Royal Caribbean Slots by WG Technology.

This game is, in fact, one of the simplest games that Vegas Technology has developed so far, but you will still appreciate the graphics of the game, especially since his company is known for its lag-free slot games.

Enter the Royal Caribbean

As stated above, the design of the slot game is really not that remarkable. The symbols the game uses are a bit boring, too, and it sometimes gets boring as you stare at the same symbols over and over again. Among these symbols are the jester and the king. There is also a horseman as well as a hand.
  • The Royal Caribbean Slots is a classic slot game with one payline and three reels, so you will not see any scatter symbol here or any wild symbol.
  • The game also lacks a bonus feature or a prize multiplier to keep you on your toes.
  • The lowest coin value that the game has is $0.10 and the highest coin value is $10, but since the Royal Caribbean Slots accepts a total of three coins per one spin, your betting limit is increased to $30.
  • The biggest prize that you can win in this game is 1,600 coins, the second prize is about 1,000 coins.

Take Home the Prize in Royal Caribbean Slots

In this game, you only have seven possible winning combinations that you would want to appear on the payline. A bit limited, but with the variety of betting options when it comes to the amount of your bets, you can either have a high payout rate if you bet the maximum amount or a small one. Either way, you have complete control over your betting option, and you can always play it safe by betting the minimum amount. But as stated above, if you are after some big wins in this game, it is best that you play the maximum bet.

Now, if you are after the jackpot prize of 1,600 coins, it pays to know that you can also get it if you bet three coins.