Black Gold Rush Slots

Black Gold Rush SlotsGold – it’s the ultimate symbol of wealth. From the time of kings to this day, people think of gold as a sign of power and fortune. However, there is another type of gold – black gold. And although it’s nothing like the precious metal, it’s actually worth just as much. What I’m talking about is oil. Oil has made countless of people into millionaires, and although the stock of oil is dwindling these days, many people still hope to be the ones to discover a hidden oil well so that their lives would get a complete 360. But wait, before you get a pickaxe and start clawing through your backyard, why don’t you check out Black Gold Rush Slots. This game is undoubtedly more enjoyable and a lot cleaner than digging a hole through your backyard. It also has the potential to turn your whole life upside down, turning you from an average joe into a tycoon.

The Theme

The theme centers on the oil industry and the symbols you will see in this game are quite compatible with the theme. You’ll see symbols like oil barrels, cowboy hats, cadilacs, dollars signs, and the quintessential bar. The game’s graphics are nothing special but quite decent. The background is that of an oil rig, with oil spurting at its tip. At the side of the game is a picture of the typical oil tycoon – an old but obviously wealthy man with a cowboy hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a cigar.

The Basics

  • Black Gold Rush is a classic three reel video slots machine. That means it has only one winning payline, the middle one. So, when you play the game, keep your eyes glued to that spot, it’s where you want the symbols of the same type to line up.
  • Like most three-reel video slots, you’ll find a bet one or bet max button at the bottom. Bet one would allow you to increase your bet gradually, one by one, depending on the coin size you picked. While bet max would automatically use the maximum amount. If you used bet max and you won the jackpot, you’ll get some extra winnings. If you’re too impatient to watch the reels spinning, you can press the stop spin button and the reels will stop. One symbol that you have to watch out for is the black oil symbol. You can use this to complete a winning combination. The winnings you get from using this are also doubled.