If you want more variety when you are playing online slot games, you might want to try out the Keno Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. This is a good way for you to spend some time away from the redundant online slot machine games, especially if you are getting a bit tired of them. Furthermore, the keno slots is also a very enjoyable way to earn some money because your chances of winning more prizes increase when you choose more numbers in a set of one through eighty.

Playing the Game

The first thing that you notice when you are playing with a keno slot machine is that it seems so much line the bingo game or a lottery game, for that matter. You have to choose a variety of numbers, from one through eighty, one being the minimum and twenty being the maximum numbers that you picked. The keno slot machine then chooses its own set of twenty numbers, if you chose twenty, and you can expect a fair play with this because the machine's software utilizes the Random Number Generator, meaning the twenty numbers it chooses are all random, so there is no way that the machine could cheat you out of your money, or you could cheat by choosing a set of numbers that you already know beforehand.

For a player to win in a keno slot machine, all he has to do after he has chosen his set of numbers is wait for the machine to show him its choice of numbers. Now, for every number the machine chose that the player has also chosen, he gets to win a prize.

Tips in Playing Keno Slots

  • The best tip that you could get anywhere else is to bet the maximum betting amount when you play in this online slot machine because the online keno slot machine pays the winner based on the amount of bet they initially wagered.
  • Another tip is going for the maximum number that you can choose, which is twenty. The more numbers that show up, the more prize you win on the keno slot machine. But there is one drawback to picking the maximum number though, and that is you need to get more than five numbers to match so that you can break even. To break even, you can choose 11 numbers, which is a safe bet, since you will only need three to get some of your money back and avoid a major loss.
  • You should also choose the keno machine wisely and only play in those machines that offer extra bonuses like giving you two extra balls, thus, increasing the amount you win.