Triple Triple Gold Slots

Classic slot game are perfect for those who are looking for a way to pass the time, but if you earn some prizes along the way, then your relaxing time can turn into an exciting one. And this is exactly what the Triple Triple Gold Slots aims to give its players.

This slot game from Wager Gaming Technology was created with the thought of fun and money at the same time. Because it is from a known and trusted software provider, the game that you are going to have is bound to run smoothly, minus the usual lags and glitches seen in other slot games.

The Game Features of Triple Triple Gold Slots

Although the design of the Triple Triple Gold Slots was simply done, especially since an old-fashioned slot machine game is what you are going to see, the graphics are brilliantly done. The background music is a bit on the boring side, but if you love the sound of the reels spinning, then you will not be bothered much by it. As for the symbols that you can see here, you are bound to see traditional icons like cherries and sevens and BARs. The logo of the Triple Triple Gold Slots is also included to add variety, and this is the most important symbol, so far.
  • Because it is a classic game, there are only 3 reels and 1 payline.
  • The maximum amount that you can wager is $30, since the machine allows three coins max at $10 per coin, and the minimum amount can be as little as $0.10.
  • There is a wild symbol here, so you have to look out for it.

Land the Triple Gold

The wild symbol, as stated above, is the logo of the game, which can be utilized to take the place of a symbol on your line so you create the winning combination of symbols. Use one in such a circumstance and your earnings will be multiplied by 9, but get two, and it is multiplied further by 81 times.

But if you get three logos on line, then you get to walk away with a huge jackpot prize that is worth 15,000 coins, but you can only win the jackpot prize if you wagered with the maximum amount.

So play the Triple Triple Gold Slots now and win not only thrice but a hundred more times as you rake in lots of prizes and cash.