Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail SlotsAny game lover who loves quick simple games will love Treasure Trail Slots. This 3 reel progressive game with a gold mine theme will leave one playing it over and over again. The buttons are easy to use and navigate since they are quite self explanatory. For example, the BET ONE button will let the player increase coin bets one at a time to the maximum number that can be bet. Once bet, just hit the SPIN button, again the name will just tell you what it does. If you want to have the maximum bet without having to go through the whole process, just hit the BET MAX button and the bet is automatically set to the maximum coin number. The graphics are also quite good for such as quick easy game and the gold mine theme will definitely catch you eye at the first instance.


Once the bet is set, gameplay from this point is really easy. The BET MAX button gives one an opportunity to go for the progressive jackpot by having a 3-coin bet. This is also the only way to win on all pay lines per gameplay. Hit the SPIN button and let it spin.

Game Symbols to Look out for

Remember that a coin is worth $2 and a maximum bet of 3 coins that qualifies a player for a jackpot is thus equal to $6. The wild symbol is the cross that symbolizes a winning combination. A 3 crosses hit wins one the biggest regular jackpot of 10,000 coins. A multiplier on the pay-line signifies a doubled winning and 2 multipliers quadruples the winnings. Golden bars, diamonds and lucky 7's can be seen on the reels too. These too signify a win, though not a jackpot. When playing at the English Harbour casino, a $300 free bonus is sometimes offered while the Golden Casion has a $555 free bonus.

Treasure Trail Slotting Spots

Some of the best places where one can enjoy playing Treasure Trail Slots are the Lincoln Flash Casino and the Lincoln Casino . With a large number of players on these sites, the progressive jackpot takes to considerate heights making the gameplay the more so exciting. The Lincoln Flash Casino offers players a lot of flexibility by accepting deposits from credit cards to online virtual Wallets. A bank wire or a check is also accepted. There is even a customer service staff on standby to help out in case one needs help. The Lincoln Casino is the second highest casino offering a free 100% bonus. Gameplay with the right software installed from these websites will definitely make one's Treasure Trail Slotting easy, fun and progressive.