Admiral’s Inn Slots

Admirals Inn SlotsSometimes, at the end of the day, all we really want to do is let loose and relax, maybe play a game or two. In fact, one good way to unwind after a hard day’s work would be to play a little slots game, where you don’t have to do any thinking in order to rake up the cash. However, what’s difficult is looking for a slots game that is actually relaxing. Most slots games usually have outrages colors and even more outrageous symbols. And then, somewhere along the way, somebody thought it would actually fun to make a simple game of slots more complicated by adding a hundred more paylines and hiding a bonus game here and there. And suddenly, when all you wanted to do was crank that lever, you had to fight evil monsters or rescue damsels in distress. And really, while some people actually like these developments, others aren’t too happy about them. And for the latter, there’s always the wonderfully classic, Admiral’s Inn Slots.

The Theme

Admiral’s Inn Slots has a cozy nautical theme. Its interface has a rich brown color scheme, with a bunch of reds splattered here and there. Its background is a picture of a nice harbor, where you can see the calming sea an some masts of ships. The title as well as the game’s overall theme creates a nice and relaxing effect. And it’s the relaxing music that really builds the atmosphere as well as the authentic-sounding slots machine sound effects. The symbols include an anchor, a wheel, the moon, a ship’s log, and a shark. They are all drawn quite wonderfully, like a cartographer’s work.

The Basics

  • Admirals’ Inn Slots is a three-reel video slots game developed by Vegas’ Technology.
  • It has only one winning payline.
  • If you get the jackpot, you will be given up to 1500 coins. You can do this by betting three coins in all and getting tree anchor symbols on the winning payline.
  • The betting range is quite narrow, and you can use coin denominations ranging from 10 cents to 10 dollars. You can insert a maximum of 3 coins, which gives you a maximum bet of 30 dollars.
  • There are no bonus games nor are there any special symbols. The anchor does play the role of a Scatter symbol, which gives you an instant win each time it appears anywhere on the reels. But that’s about it.
Admiral’s Inn Slots is a game for those who value simplicity, so if you want flashy, then this one’s not for you.