Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion SlotsWhen you look up at the clear night sky, what do you see? Stars? The moon? Your dreams? The face of your one true love? Aliens?! Well, if you answered the latter, then it's either you need to get your head checked or we need to work on our defenses, homing missiles and all. But really, it's not odd at all to be interested in the thought of alien invasion. And who knows, maybe, someday, the seemingly absurd notion of alien invasion could actually become a reality. But until , then we can just content ourselves with little snippets of what-might-be's, molding these mysterious aliens into whatever we want them to be, no matter how silly or how fearsome. Certainly, if you enjoy thinking about these aliens, then you will also enjoy playing Alien Invasion Slots.

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The Theme

Indeed, any sci-fi fan will agree that Alien Invasion Slots has done rather good when it comes to the theme. Its symbols are all aliens, planets, and spacecrafts. Its background is that of an alien landscape, and at its side is a… well, there's no other word for it… a spaceman. The music and the sound effects are very appropriate and really add to the atmosphere. When there's a winning combination, the sound of an 'alien' is played. It really just sounds sort of like a rattle snake, but it is passable as an alien's speech. And as for the interface, it's so simple, you can play with your eyes closed - not that you'd want to, I mean, the graphics are wonderful, and it would be a shame to miss them.

The Basics

  • Alien Invasion Slots is a three-reel video slots game developed by Vegas Technology.
  • It has a single winning payline. This game, however, is obviously made for those who want a classic slots game - a simple one, with no frills at all.
  • Despite the game's flashy graphics, this game really has no bonus features at all.
  • There aren't even any special symbols that you have to watch out for.
  • There is a multiplier, but it's not really very substantial. Indeed, this game is a classic slots game, all the way. You can take that as either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your taste.
  • There is a nice stop spin feature, though, that lets you stop the reels whenever you want, skipping the animation.
  • And there's also an autoplay feature so you can just set the game up and leave it. The maximum jackpot is 2000 coins, and the betting range is from 10 cents to 30 dollars.