Atomic Jackpot Slots

Atomic Jackpot SlotsSplitting an atom - well, there's a feat that even the strongest man in the world can't do. But winning the Atomic Jackpot Slots - that's well within our abilities. Of course, we'll still be needing a sizeable amount of luck in order to do so. But at least it's much easier than bursting a blood vessel trying to manipulate protons and electrons. Playing Atomic Jackpot Slots is also incredibly fun, if I do say so myself. Developed by Vegas Software, this video slots game has a theme centered on Atoms or, in a broader spectrum, science. You can expect to see symbols such as the atomic jar, the quintessential scientist with his vials and test tubes, the universal symbol of the atom, the defcon symbol, and a few others. The interface, for a slots game about a scientific problem that has yet to be fully understood, is quite simple. Even newcomers to the game of slots would know how to play this game at first glance.

The Basics

  • Atomic Jackpot Slots is a three-reel video slots game that was developed by Vegas Software. Since it's a three-reel video slots game, you can automatically surmise that this game is a classic. Indeed, it uses all the simplest rules of slots.
  • There's a single payline and you'll have to line u all the proper symbols there in order to form a winning combination. For example, getting the three atomic jar symbols on a single payline would get you the jackpot of 2,500 coins.
  • There is also a secondary jackpot that is worth 2000 coins. Of course, your winnings will depend on your bet. The betting options for this game are rather simple. There are two buttons in the game for betting, namely bet one and bet max. Bet one will allow you to add to the value of your bet one by one, while bet max would automatically put the maximum amount for your bet. The minimum you can give in order to play this game would be 50 cents. However, if you're going to play for the money, then you can bet max and bet 10 dollars. That way, if you do win the jackpot, you're sure to have the biggest and best amount of winnings possible from this game.

The Symbols

Though this is a simple three-reel video slots game, that did not stop the developers from making certain symbols that would help boost the player's game. The most notable is the Scatter symbol which is represented by the atomic jar. As long as it appears on the screen, the player will win money.