Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab SlotsWhen you look at those outrageously themed video slots games today, don't you ever feel like you miss the old simplicity of the classic slots machines? Indeed, there are days when seeing those glittering graphics and dashing sound effects of the new video slots machines get tiring. And in these ays, one cannot help but hanker for the good old lever and the good old fruit symbols. And for these kinds of days, there's Cash Grab Slots. Developed by WG Technology, this video slots machine is based on the slots machines of old, those that were commonly seen in land-based casinos. The interface of this game looks just like a classic slots machine, lever and all. The color scheme is a rich brown and the symbols used are all classic, cherries and bar and all. Indeed, those who have played with a machine such as this when they were youths will surely feel nostalgia wash over them.

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The Basics

  • Cash Grab Slots is a three-reel video slots game developed by WGT.
  • It's a classic slots game, so there is only one payline.
  • The middle payline is the one you're going to have to watch, as you will earn money if ever a winning combination appears there. There are several different winning combinations here, each of them with their own amount of payout. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize them all, as they're all written at the top of the screen.
  • The maximum jackpot is a whopping 24,000 dollars and there's a bonus jackpot of 2,400 dollars.
  • You can play this game for a minimum of 10 cents, while the maximum is 10 dollars. So, you can expect that this game isn't for the highrollers.

The Symbols

The symbol you'll want to watch out for the most is the cash grab symbol. It acts as the wild symbol, one of them would double your bet automatically, while 2 would quadruple your bet. It's certainly a good opportunity to earn some real cash. On the third reel, watch out for the bonus game symbol. It only appears on reel three, but the moment it lands on your payline, it would automatically take you to the bonus game. In the bonus game, there are a couple of money bags, each with its corresponding prize. Just choose any of them and hope for the best. Once you've chosen and got the amount, click on 'collect' and the money will be added to your winnings.