Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers SlotsAnother classical slot brought to you by Vegas Technology is the Island Hoppers Slots. It is a simple game that consists of simple graphics and mediocre sounds, but if you play well, you can earn some nice prizes. Another good thing about playing the Island Hoppers Slots is that, although this is a classic and traditional slot game, you will definitely enjoy playing this game as this affords you a lag-free gameplay.

Exploring the Island

To better explore the island, you have to know the game. The theme is obviously that of an island, and as such, the symbols you will see here are related to the theme, and you will not have any difficulty remembering them as there only four symbols to familiarize yourself with. The problem with it though is that the game can become a bit boring after some time. Add the music, which is also mediocre, and you will find the game becoming quite tedious. Fortunately, you always have the mute option, so you could always turn the sound off and concentrate on betting.

  • As a classic slot game, there is only one payline and three lines.
  • Fortunately, you have the option to bet the minimum amount which is ten cents or the maximum amount which is ten dollars.
  • You have to know though that you should bet the highest amount so that you can have the highest return when you win some prize.
  • The highest number of coins that you can bet is three, so this gives you thirty dollars as the maximum bet that you can place per spin.

Finding the Treasure in the Island

If you really want to find the treasure in the Island Hoppers Slots, you should play with the maximum amount of bet. Fortunately, the betting range was pretty good, so you can play with the lowest or the highest amount, but like stated above, betting the maximum amount is your best bet if you want to bring home some prize. The game would have done better though if the creators made the penny as the lowest betting amount. This way, the players have a wider range of option.

Overall, this is a nice enough game to play if you want to while away the time, but it runs the risk though of losing some players, especially since it is mediocre at its best and you can find other slot games that is going to be worth your money and while.