Monte Magic Slots

Monte Magic SlotsAre you in the mood for a classic slot with a magical twist? If you are, then the Monte Magic Slots is your perfect choice. Although the design of the slot game is quite simple, the twist it gives you more than makes up for its plainness.

This is a slot game that was created by the Vegas Technology company, which is a recognized and trusted provider in the industry. As such, the game has no lags or glitches, so you can look forward to a smooth game.

Enter the Magic

  • Like stated above, the graphics of the game is quite simple, boring, in fact. What make it interesting are the symbols that can be found here. You will see here things related to magic like a magic wand in a gloved hand and the usual rabbit coming out of a hat. Other symbols include the top hat of a magician and yellow stars.
  • Although the game is leaning more towards the traditional game, what with its three reels and one payline, it gives you more magic since there is a wild symbol and bonus symbol.
  • The most that you can bet is $30, and the least is $0.10, since the machine accepts the highest number of three coins per spin with the highest coin value being $10.

Learn the Magic and Win the Prize

The wild symbol for the Monte Magic Slots is the top hat of a magician. It truly is magical since you can form the winning combination with it by substituting it to other symbols in the payline, and if used in this manner, your prize gets doubled. Use two of them to form the winning combo, and your prize gets quadrupled. But get three and you are awarded a huge prize wherein your original bet can be increased to a hundred and a thousand times if you bet the maximum amount.

If you want to activate the bonus round, then you need to land the symbol with a rabbit coming out of the top hat and BONUS written on it, which is the bonus symbol. Get this to appear anywhere on the reel and the bonus round opens. You have to have a good memory and a quick eye though as you are going to choose 3 cards from 12 facedown cards. The value of the cards will then be shown to you and then placed facedown once more after which the 12 cards are reshuffled again and then you have to pick only one. If your cards revealed a good amount, you better keep an eye on it as it is being reshuffled so you could open it up once more. If not, you end up with the amount of the card you picked after its second shuffle.