Independence Day Slots

Independence Day SlotsWith the Independence Day Slots, you can feel what it is like to have fireworks lit your day as you rake in the prizes that this online slot game from Vegas Technology gives you. Aside from prizes that can be won, you also have the benefit of playing a lag-free game that only one of the best software providers in the industry can give you.

Red, White, and Blue of the Independence Day Slots

To really give you that loyal feeling you get when you look at the American flag, you will surely y the red, white, and blue theme of this online slot game.
  • The graphics of the game will show you fireworks and stars, and the symbols are all theme related.
  • There are symbols that contain images of the country’s presidents, the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, a cannon, the eagle, and more symbols that speak of what America is.
  • The Independence Day Slots has five reels with nine paylines.
  • To win more in the game, you need to bet the maximum number of coins, which is nine, or you need to bet the maximum amount, which is $90.
  • The coin values though range from $0.01 to $10, so you have a wide betting option, especially since there are nine paylines.

Let the Fireworks Begin

Although this is not a progressive slot, there are wild and scatter symbols to keep you playing for more. Furthermore, there is also a bonus feature that you should watch out for.

Get the George Washington symbol, which is the wild symbol, and you can use this to replace other symbols so that you get to form the winning combination, but get the Betsy Ross symbol, which is the scatter symbol, and you have won yourself a prize, provided that you get two or more of them to appear simultaneously on the screen irregardless of their location. This not only gives you a prize but you also get to win free spins. You get ten free spins with three or more Betsy Rosses, and if you land a prize on the free spin, your prize gets doubled.

If you want the bonus feature, then you should land three or more of the Declaration of Independence symbol. This brings you to a new screen where you pick three choices of an American icon, landmark, and city respectively. In each choice, you get to earn some nice prize.