Red, White and Win Slots

Red, White and Win SlotsHave you ever felt really patriotic? Well, with Red, White and Win Slots you can really feel that deep loyalty you have for your country as you look at all the reds, and whites, and blues but, at the same time, you get to win some extra cash as well.

This is a very interesting game that Vegas Technology created for those who simply want a way to relax as well as rake in some money at the same time. Of course, with online casino game from WG Technology powered Lincoln Casino, your game is bound to be lag free.

The Colors of the Game

  • When you first look at the Red, White and Win Slots, the colors of the American flag will greet you, and to tie the whole theme up, the symbols also speak of the country. There are the American flag, the dollar, Statue of Liberty, and BARs and sevens in red, white, and blue.
  • This game has only three reels and a single payline, but it is a progressive online slot game, so you are given the opportunity to win loads of cash if you hit the winning combination to land the progressive jackpot prize.
  • The minimum amount that you can bet for this progressive slot game is $ 2.50, with the highest bet amounting to $7.50 or three coins per single spin.

Aiming for the Progressive Jackpot Prize

With a minimum bet of $2.50, players who do not want to bet that big an amount per spin might find this game a tad too expensive for their taste, but for those who are aiming to win the progressive jackpot prize, then what is $7.50 per spin if you can win hundreds to thousands of cash?

Betting the maximum amount per spin is the only way that you could get to join other players who are aiming to take home the huge progressive jackpot prize, and once you have place the maximum bet, you need to land three of the American flag symbols all at the same time to give you that win.

It might be steep and the bet might be big to qualify you for the progressive jackpot round, but it will really be worth it if you have enough patience and enough bankroll to aim for the huge progressive jackpot prize. But if you do not, this is still a nice game to play to while away the time.