Wheel of Chance Slots

Wheel of Chance SlotsHave you ever wondered what it feels like to be a contestant of the popular game show called the Wheel of Fortune? Then you need not wonder any longer because the Wheel of Chance Slots brings you just this, a chance to be able to play a game similar to it and get to win more prizes at the same time. The Wheel of Chance Slots is a slot game brought to you by none other than Vegas Technology, a trusted software provider that delivers what it promises to give, and that is state of the art casino games.

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Getting to Know the Wheel of Chance

The theme of the Wheel of Chance Slots is based upon the game show Wheel of Fortune, but the symbols the creators used for this game are the regular symbols seen in classic slots, so you are sure to see the usual cherries and sevens. The BARs are also present as well as diamonds.

  • You are given a fair variety of betting options with the game's 3 reels and 1 payline, and you are also given a nice enough bet amounts to choose from, starting from $0.01 to $30, since the Wheel of Chance Slots accepts a maximum of three coins worth $10 each.
  • To give you more winnings that you can earn, there is a wild symbol as well as a bonus feature to keep you entertained.

Spin the Wheel and Win the Prize

It really is so easy to win in the Wheel of Chance Slots. The wild symbol is the diamond, and this has two functions. One, a symbol on a line can be replaced by the diamond so that you are left with the winning combination, and if you form the winning combo using the wild symbol, you prize gets doubled, quadrupled if you used two. Now, if you happen to land three diamonds using the max bet, the jackpot prize worth 2,400 coins is yours to keep.

You can only activate the bonus round if the symbol containing a multicolored wheel with BONUS written on it appears on the reels, provided you bet the max. The bonus round will show you a wheel that you have to spin. Now, you win the prize that the arrow landed at, but for each spin, four black BUST tiles replace four colorful tiles, so this makes the bonus round a bit harder because your chances of landing on a black tile increases, which will end the bonus round. If you are lucky enough not to hit a black tile, you can play this round thrice after which the game promptly ends and takes you back to your regular game.