King Tut’s Treasure Slots

King Tut’s Treasure SlotsDo you want to know how it feels like to discover some ancient treasure that has been buried deep under the sand and forgotten in time? If you do, then a game of King Tut’s Treasure Slots is one way to give you that thrill and expectation of uncovering something big, in this case, some big prizes.

This is an online slot machine game brought to you by the world’s leading software provider Vegas Technology, and by the best online casino Liberty Slots Casino. Its years in the business have given it an edge over other software providers, which is state of the art technology, allowing for a smooth gameplay and excellent graphics.

Enter the Famous Mummy’s Tomb

When you decide to play the King Tut’s Treasure Slots, you will be greeted by an excellently designed online slot machine. You will feel like you were inside the tomb itself as the graphics are smooth and the sounds complement the game. Furthermore, all the symbols are connected to the theme wherein the creators used the symbols containing an oasis in a desert, pyramids, sphinxes, camels, a scarab beetle, the head of King Tut, sarcophagus, and other symbols. With these many symbols though, one can expect a lag during the gameplay, but not with a Vegas Technology slot game.

The maximum number of coins that you can bet in this three reels one payline online slot machine game is three, and with the values ranging from $0.10 to $10, you can place a maximum of $30 on a single spin.

Look for the Treasure and Dig Up the Prize

Although this is not a progressive jackpot game, you have the ability to win more because of the wild symbol, which is the symbol that contains an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Unfortunately, there is no scatter symbol or a bonus feature to really give you bigger prizes, but still, the wild symbol is interesting enough, in that it can be utilized to swap with other symbols so that you get to form the winning symbol combinations. Aside from this, it also functions as a prize multiplier as it doubles the prize you get if you used it as a substitute to other symbols in the game.

Now, since this leans towards the classic kind of slot, with its one payline and three reels features, with only the wild symbol to keep it interesting, you can make your gameplay more interesting by betting the maximum amount to give you a higher payout when you land a winning combo.