Liberty 7s Slots

Liberty 7's Slots
Liberty 7s Slots

Do you miss playing one of those classic type of slot machine games? If you are, then it will do you good to play the Liberty 7s Slots of WG Technology at Lincoln Casino. Not only is it a throwback to the standard slot machines, but the software company has provided a new twist to the game, and that is for you to land the rarest combination of winning symbols.

The Game Features of Liberty 7s Slots

  • As stated above, the Liberty 7s Slots is designed in such a way that you feel like you are playing with a classic slot machine. Its color kind of gives the player a patriotic sense of feeling, what with its blue, red, and white colors. Its theme, obviously, is the number seven, which has been used time and again in classic slot machine games, online and land-based, so this really gives you a sense of wistfulness of long ago slot machines.
  • The symbols that can be seen here are the sevens, of course, and a variety of BAR symbols. The difference though lies in the value of each symbol, and they all have different colors of red, white, and blue.
  • The Liberty 7s Slots is as traditional as it can get with its three reels and single payline.
  • This is not a progressive jackpot, too, so you have to rely solely on luck.
  • To increase your chances of winning though, you can place the maximum bet, which is thirty dollars. But if you want a variety of betting options, you can place a bet as low as ten cents to as much as ten dollars, with three coins as the maximum number of coins per spin.

The Liberty to Win More Cash

Since this is a classic slot machine game, minus the scatter, the bonus, and the wild symbol, you do have to be wise in placing your bet, so you should do well to place the maximum amount of bet.

Now, the winning combination that you need to keep an eye on is the sevens. You should cross your fingers and hope that you land three of them on the payline, irregardless of their color. But if you want more prize, then you need to land three sevens of the same color, blue being the least valuable and red being the most valuable. To get the jackpot prize though, you need to have the rarest combination and that is three sevens of different colors; red, white, and blue respectively, matching the Liberty 7s Slots’ theme color.